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Can Writers Generate Money Not having Google AdSense?

 I have already talked about Adsense a lot in the last. and I would like to say that Adsense as one of the best Ad networks for your blog.
Today Adsense is one of the trusted blog monetization networks for all over the bloggers.

You think ever What happens to online marketers whose Adsense account are suspended? and another hand, one who is  getting it tough to get an Adsense Account approved? 
Is that making money from blogging will finish for them?
In this post, I will tell you how having an Adsense Account banned or Adsense Approval is not as far of the issue as you may consider it is.
There are following reasons that why Adsense Consider the best money making the program for bloggers.

  1. It is more painless to use.
  2. You do not have to adjust manually the ads after the specific time.
  3. You do not have to worry about payment, Adsense is the trusted for payment.  
  You will face many issues when you are working with Adsense.  For example, You will need to follow content policy given by Adsense Team.
You can not post Particular type posts in your website like Movies and Copyright Content . Why is it? It is due to Adsense policies.
If you want to earn more from Adsense, You will have to test different optimization methods,like high Paying CPC keywords.
If you are getting traffic from India and Pakistan, I am sure You will not earn enough but penny.
These issues do point to the fact that Adsense is not good as you think it.
Let me tell you about my experience properly monetizing one or two blogs not having to apply AdSense in any way, and what can take place if you decide on to do the similar. 

You can Earn Via Your Skill

If you are working with finance blog, you may well offer to generate a finance plan for your readers at an affordable price.
If you are running a health topic blog, You can purpose to create a diet plan for your readers. 
If you are running fashion website, You may help to people shop  for fashion products.

The good running a blog education will come when you research with things. When you try things out with the most up-to-date monetization solutions, for case in point, you may get an option which works properly for your topic. On the other hand, you can also study things from the goes through of other bloggers. So as an alternative of wasting time trying a thing entirely new, you could start off by trying procedures which have proved helpful for a person like me or for other bloggers in your niche.

For example, some time back I discussed Viglink, which is a fantastic marketing network but not best for a niche . It does, even so, work wonderfully for a trend niche. You can have a look at the case review of running Viglink on a fashion blog page here.

I don’t have a website on fashion, but luckily, one of my customers does, and she relied on my judgment. She granted me to experiment, it proved helpful, and - - it grew to be a case analysis.

However, if you ask me “Hey Aamir - how great is Bidvertiser?”, I will not have an answer because I used it three years ago, and I have no idea how they have changed over the past three years. They might be serving up the same low paying ads, or they might have moved forward with premium advertisements.

Takeaway: When you read about a new ad network, try it out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with things. Instead of simply looking for a review, search for income reports and case studies.
My purpose with this content has been to demonstrate you the truth of life without AdSense. Many bloggers offer up when AdSense does not operate for these people, and they don’t even follow everything else. Half of them spend times of time seeking to have their AdSense account accepted, and repeating the same faults which brought on their account to be restricted or disapproved in the 1st place.

If AdSense is not doing work for you, let it be. Try a thing else. Try a little something which no one different has dared to consider. If there is an ad network out right now there, possibilities are it should do the job for a person. Why not necessarily you? You may need to ask on your own if you are fearless good enough to take that threat. If you are, then this post is just for you.

I would like to know your monetization good results testimonies which have not engaged AdSense. If you find this article valuable, please look at sharing it on Facebook and Google+.

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