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Affiliate or AdSense :Which Helps make Further Money?

 When we start blogging for earning money, that time one question is the rise in the mind "Affiliate or Adsense " What is the best choice in both of them. 
Affiliate or AdSense

In this post, I will tell you some of my encounters in this regards, and You will able to decide what is the best suited for you, Adsense or Affiliating Marketing

 Some poeople think that Google is against affiliate marketing, it is not true and real. Google lets you to hold affiliate links but demand that you put it on a quality and high traffic blog. If you are publish low quality content and place affiliate links with low quality content, so dear its mean search engine will not allow to this poor work.

Difference between Adsense  and affiliate 

  •  Adsense Required An approval but affiliate network is not like as Adsense.
  • Adsense does not pay as affiliate pay.
  • Most of the affiliate companies provide paypal as payment method, while Adsense does not.
  • Adsense manage only Google but other hand Affiliate marketing has any companies. 
Clearly, after reading the above points, affiliate marketing is more valuable and helpful than Adsense.

Here are more points I want to share with you for more understanding.
Affiliate marketing works only particular pages, so every page of your website will not make money for you. and other hand Adsense works all over pages of websites.
Adsense is backbone for new bloggers.

If you like me and depend on both Affiliate and Adsense, I would Advise works on both. 
In my viewpoint, you can decide on these areas for affiliate position:

125*125 (sidebar)

728*90 (header,Footer)


Usually bear in mind that applying the optimum AdSense unit does not ensure maximal revenue. In fact, working with 1-2 ad units merged with links and search units yields greater results.

Do make me find out your judgment. Which do you like google adsense or affiliate program, or equally?

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