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Adsense Approval in Pakistan within 5 Days-Checkout

 As you know that The Pakistani users can not apply for Adsense before 5 to 6 months.It means it may generate no income at this time. But there are many other advertisers through which we can earn money by getting Adsense account.That is a fact, Adsense  gives us more money to instead of others. How will you approve this?
adsense approval pakistan

I want to say  that please be honor with Google and Write a good, useful and valuable info for your visitors.
If you want to become a real blogger that you should take this seriously.
  I am going to tell about the approval of Adsense account in a week today.
I have already made Adsense account with this method that why I am sharing with you this an idea. As you Are seeing Ads on my blog so why are you waiting for 6 months? You can also get your own account fully approved in this way, lets I tell you this about this trick.
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How to Get full Approved Adsense Account in Pakistan within 5 days? 

Before we go ahead, I want to say please follow my all steps with carefully. Which is usually I am telling you that you will not have to  face any problem related to this account.
  1. Overall you need to make some videos and upload it to Youtube.
  2. After the uploading, You can share your content on Facebook, Google plus, and another social media sites.
  3. If you want to get approved Adsense account, then you should need 500 views on your video.
  4. When you got 3000 views all videos then you should monetize your youtube account. 
  5.  Now Wait for a while here is the need to patience, it will take a time it may be only two hours and also  A few days at least 2 days.
  6. When your Account get granted by Google You will able to monetize your videos. Your account will be approved soon as much as your viewers. Remember do not upload any other channel video to your channel, otherwise you will not get good response by Google Adsense Team.

  Next Step  

When You have received Email from Adsense, You Need to have  logged in Adsense Account and Check your dashboard, You will find A words with hosted account.  
Link for Adsense Login

What is Adsense Hosted Account? How to change it to non-Hosted Account?

It's mean that you are not allowed to use these ads for your website or any blog, it is just for youtube videos.
So what should we do for show ads for our site?
  • First of all, You be required to log in your Adsense Gmail account.
  • After login go to your home page , click on the gear button and select setting button 
  •  You will notice new window will appear and arise some new option, you have needed only access and authorization, click on this
  • Now the new window will display, here put your website or blog URL and click on submit button. the next level is you will create an ad unit.
  •  Paste it your website until Google Check your web page.
 Now wait for  some days to Adsense team email with the better reaction.

I hope you will abide by these ways to get approve Adsense Account in 5 days.

If you want to ask any question about this, I am here for you.


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