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Blog ko Sahi Tarikay say SEO Optimization karny Essential Tips

Sunday, January 29, 2017 / No Comments
Kasay hain Ap sub?  Good Mujy maloom tha kay ap fit hugy. Aj jis topic pay bat karny jaa rahy hain wo hai Essential seo optimization tips hai. Jasay kay hum sub jantay hain kay kisi bhi website ki ranking kaliye Search engine optimization aik back bone ki tara hasiyat rakta hai. Iss kay bagair ap kabhi bhi ranking hasil ni kar sakty hain.
important seo tips 2017

  • how to do search engine optimization?
  • engine optimization tips
  • onpage seo optimization

Main ajj kuch important 4-5 tips share karuga jis say ap ki knowledge main izzafa huga.

As a matter of fact, Bohat say bloggers ko seo ki jankari ni huti hai jis ki waja sy wo apni site ko rank ni kar patay hain. agar apko waqi online bussiness karna hai tou apko Seo ko proper tarikay sy seekna huga. baaz dost experts say apni site ka seo karwaty hain.

Yad rahay kay k SEO kay sat sat ap kay blog ki setting bhi Google ki policy ka mutabiq huni chy, warna apki ranking loss hunay ka khatra hai. aisi settings kay bary main boht jald main content likuga.

Website ka Darust tarikay sy SEO Optimization karany kay Important tips

In this post, Main apko kuch seo kay bary main zarori seo tips and tricks batanay ja rha hu jo apko 2017 mian kam aygy.

App seo Karna chaty hu tou ap kay pass 2 he hall hain.
  1. Kisi expert ki services lain aur apni site ko rank karay 
  2. Ap kay pass itni info hu seo Ki jis say ap khud apni site ki ranking improve kar sako.

Keywords Research

Kisi bhi Website ki ranking mai keywords ka important role huta hai. Aksar dost keywords aisay use karty hain jo kay well search ni hutya hai ya asay khy lo jinki monthly search bohat kam huti hai jis say apki traffic na hunay ka barabr huti hai. meri advise hai kay ap phlay topic chosse karu pir us kay bad acha keyword apni post kaliye target karu. bhoat jald apko traffic milan start hu jygi.

LSI  Keywords Aur Content

Har insan Kuch na kuch Seekna chata hai jab ap kay readers apki site ma koi new update ni dykty hain tou wo bore feel karty hain, aur aagr ap koi low quality content liktay hain tab bhi ap ki site ki ranking loss hu sakti hai. apni site main hamehsa useful post likay. aur iss kay sat sat LSI keywords bhi use karay kiyu kay Google love karta hai or us say post ko ranking main help milti hai.

Keywords Density Ka SEO Importance

Keywords Density Apko mai already bata chuka hu, Us mai apko iss bat kay khyal rakna huta hai kay ap bar bar keyword ko repeat na karay wrna Search engine ki nazar main ye spamming consider kia jay, density ko kam raknay kaliye ap LSI keywords ka use karay. Jis say sirf apko organic traffic milygi bal kay apki ranking bhi improve huti rhygi.

High PR Backlinks 

Backlinks ky bagair apko kabhi bhi achi traffic ni mil sakti hai, 2017 mian backlinks pay khas attention di jygi, Lakin backlinks banaty huy ap ko ye khyal rakna huga kay ap jo backlink bana rahy hain wo high pr sites py hain aur sat sat wo website apki site k topic say related hu q kay relevancy bhot matter rakti hai. Blog commenting karay, Guest posting, Edu , Gov backlinks etc.

Social Media Site Ko Bhol Gay kia?

Har New Online kam karny waly bloggers ko ye yad rakna chy kay kay social media sites ki help kay bagair kbhi bhi mat sochna kay wo rank kar jaygy. Jab bhi post kary tou apnay article ko lazmi Facebook, Google plus aur digg pay share karay. aur user ko bhi kay kay wo share karay iss kam kaliye apny blog mai lazmi share button use karay. 

Kuch best seo techniques

  • Keywords ko Title ma add karna na Bholay
  • Meta tag mai bhi add karay
  • Permalink ma
  • Body main H1 aur H3 ka use
  • Phlay paragraph mai bhi use karay.
  • Internal links
  • External links

Final words

Agar apkay pass koi essential seo tips hu tou mery sat lazmi share karay. Aur koi bat samaj na ai hu tou ksi hi wqt comment kar sakty hain. mujy apki help kar kay khushi hugi.

Can Writers Generate Money Not having Google AdSense?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 / No Comments
 I have already talked about Adsense a lot in the last. and I would like to say that Adsense as one of the best Ad networks for your blog.
Today Adsense is one of the trusted blog monetization networks for all over the bloggers.

You think ever What happens to online marketers whose Adsense account are suspended? and another hand, one who is  getting it tough to get an Adsense Account approved? 
Is that making money from blogging will finish for them?
In this post, I will tell you how having an Adsense Account banned or Adsense Approval is not as far of the issue as you may consider it is.
There are following reasons that why Adsense Consider the best money making the program for bloggers.

  1. It is more painless to use.
  2. You do not have to adjust manually the ads after the specific time.
  3. You do not have to worry about payment, Adsense is the trusted for payment.  
  You will face many issues when you are working with Adsense.  For example, You will need to follow content policy given by Adsense Team.
You can not post Particular type posts in your website like Movies and Copyright Content . Why is it? It is due to Adsense policies.
If you want to earn more from Adsense, You will have to test different optimization methods,like high Paying CPC keywords.
If you are getting traffic from India and Pakistan, I am sure You will not earn enough but penny.
These issues do point to the fact that Adsense is not good as you think it.
Let me tell you about my experience properly monetizing one or two blogs not having to apply AdSense in any way, and what can take place if you decide on to do the similar. 

You can Earn Via Your Skill

If you are working with finance blog, you may well offer to generate a finance plan for your readers at an affordable price.
If you are running a health topic blog, You can purpose to create a diet plan for your readers. 
If you are running fashion website, You may help to people shop  for fashion products.

The good running a blog education will come when you research with things. When you try things out with the most up-to-date monetization solutions, for case in point, you may get an option which works properly for your topic. On the other hand, you can also study things from the goes through of other bloggers. So as an alternative of wasting time trying a thing entirely new, you could start off by trying procedures which have proved helpful for a person like me or for other bloggers in your niche.

For example, some time back I discussed Viglink, which is a fantastic marketing network but not best for a niche . It does, even so, work wonderfully for a trend niche. You can have a look at the case review of running Viglink on a fashion blog page here.

I don’t have a website on fashion, but luckily, one of my customers does, and she relied on my judgment. She granted me to experiment, it proved helpful, and - - it grew to be a case analysis.

However, if you ask me “Hey Aamir - how great is Bidvertiser?”, I will not have an answer because I used it three years ago, and I have no idea how they have changed over the past three years. They might be serving up the same low paying ads, or they might have moved forward with premium advertisements.

Takeaway: When you read about a new ad network, try it out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with things. Instead of simply looking for a review, search for income reports and case studies.
My purpose with this content has been to demonstrate you the truth of life without AdSense. Many bloggers offer up when AdSense does not operate for these people, and they don’t even follow everything else. Half of them spend times of time seeking to have their AdSense account accepted, and repeating the same faults which brought on their account to be restricted or disapproved in the 1st place.

If AdSense is not doing work for you, let it be. Try a thing else. Try a little something which no one different has dared to consider. If there is an ad network out right now there, possibilities are it should do the job for a person. Why not necessarily you? You may need to ask on your own if you are fearless good enough to take that threat. If you are, then this post is just for you.

I would like to know your monetization good results testimonies which have not engaged AdSense. If you find this article valuable, please look at sharing it on Facebook and Google+.

Affiliate or AdSense :Which Helps make Further Money?

Sunday, October 16, 2016 / No Comments
 When we start blogging for earning money, that time one question is the rise in the mind "Affiliate or Adsense " What is the best choice in both of them. 
Affiliate or AdSense

In this post, I will tell you some of my encounters in this regards, and You will able to decide what is the best suited for you, Adsense or Affiliating Marketing

 Some poeople think that Google is against affiliate marketing, it is not true and real. Google lets you to hold affiliate links but demand that you put it on a quality and high traffic blog. If you are publish low quality content and place affiliate links with low quality content, so dear its mean search engine will not allow to this poor work.

Difference between Adsense  and affiliate 

  •  Adsense Required An approval but affiliate network is not like as Adsense.
  • Adsense does not pay as affiliate pay.
  • Most of the affiliate companies provide paypal as payment method, while Adsense does not.
  • Adsense manage only Google but other hand Affiliate marketing has any companies. 
Clearly, after reading the above points, affiliate marketing is more valuable and helpful than Adsense.

Here are more points I want to share with you for more understanding.
Affiliate marketing works only particular pages, so every page of your website will not make money for you. and other hand Adsense works all over pages of websites.
Adsense is backbone for new bloggers.

If you like me and depend on both Affiliate and Adsense, I would Advise works on both. 
In my viewpoint, you can decide on these areas for affiliate position:

125*125 (sidebar)

728*90 (header,Footer)


Usually bear in mind that applying the optimum AdSense unit does not ensure maximal revenue. In fact, working with 1-2 ad units merged with links and search units yields greater results.

Do make me find out your judgment. Which do you like google adsense or affiliate program, or equally?

7 Best AdSense Plugins For WordPress You Should Know

Friday, October 14, 2016 / No Comments
 The website is an excellent way to  generate money online by displaying ads. There are many platforms but Google Adsense is the best choice for this. It is free, and let you show the ads related to your Keywords and get cash when visitor click on these ads.
adsense best plugins wordpress

If you have Adsense account, the leading challenge is that how to add this in the blog or website and what is the best placement for High CTR?

How Will we Add Adsense Ads in Wordpress By Plugins?

Today I will bring in you the Ideal Adsense Plugins for WordPress
Select the right one from the list which  I am sharing.

Ad injection

If you want to Show Advertisement via Google Adsense, Ad injection is the Superb Wordpress Plugin.  If your post is long you can select many ads in it features. You can Set your Ads in the random position like after the post title, middle of the content and end of the post.
ad injection plugin

Easy Plugin For Adsense 

Easy Plugin for Adsense allows you to put Google Adsense ad to your WordPress Site or blog. You can Add ads after the post title and right side or also middle of the article.
easy plugin word press
Although it will be easy to show off numerous ads according to the post length, the plugin purely practices Google’s policy to not show more than three ads on the similar page. You can also apply the custom widgets to show ads in the sidebar. The straight forward and the valuable plugin is out there in various languages.

Wordpress Ad Widget

WordPress Ad Widget delivers one of the best techniques to show AdSense or different ads on your site. Putting in and activating the plugin will generate various specialty widgets in your WordPress website. To work with the widgets, go to Appearance > Widgets from your website dashboard and discover the widgets named ‘Ad Widget.

It truly is probable to reveal both text and images commercials by using the plugin. The basic, starter helpful plugin enables you to display the endless quantity of ads. Yet, make sure that you are complying with the procedures of the ad services. 

 Google AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin

Google tracks the clicks on it has the AdSense ads very carefully. If that detects out that the adverts are being visited by crawlers, bots or any other robotic method, you could be short-term or forever blacklisted from the ad system. As a result, it is very critical to keep an eye on the ad clicks on your website.

Google AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin could be a great tool for that function. The plugin will help save your ads from shady, undesired clicks. It will immediately block the guests who have got clicked the ads many times within a short interval. 


Do bear in mind no of these kinds of plugins permit you to add AdSense to search, and you should work with it. Search box powered by AdSense will help your readers to get articles from your website, and you make a quality revenue from this more unit. 

Let me know How is my Ideal Adsense Plugins for WordPress Collection? It was good or not Tell me in the comment.

5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Blogger

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 / No Comments
Here I will discuss a lot of the perfect Google Adsense Alternatives for blogger you can do to earn money your blog without the need for Google Adsense, and I will let you know how they operate and why you ought to think of them, so time to start:
adsense alternatives for blogger

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is among the list of most important pop-under companies available. They initiated doing the job on 2011 and instantly formulated into one of several most important networks with fantastic CPMs. 
They are experts in earning cash internet sites for the using niches: enjoyment, motion pictures, games, dating, finances, more. If you have become one of this websites, you may possibly make more money with Propeller when compared with Adsense. 
They also contain banners but the pop-unders work considerably better all round. Likewise, if you’ve got portable traffic, they’re a good Adsense alternative as they do the job strongly with ad networks that monetize apps and mobile providers top rated to great CPMs also.
They have a great top of the price for collection 2-3 countries and Propeller pays off on a NET 30 basis.
Signup Here   

Pop Ads

PopAds is a general performance network qualified in Pop ads. They may have good charges and they can generate monies all nations around the world. 
They will probably pay each day as long as you gain $5 or extra per day that is wonderfully related to PopAds. All their superior is fine, and they also include pop-ups and other monetization tactics. Their verifications are quick and setting up your ads calls for just a few minutes.

If I will say that if you are looking for related to Adsense alternative, here is This network focuses on Technology and business. It will approve your account if you have monthly 1,50,000 impressions either not. It is Yahoo and Bing Product.

Here is signup for  


Today info links are one of the most well-known monetization networks in the world, supporting 128 countries and millions of publishers all over the world. It is text base ads program. Here is the link for signup info link


It is also another great and the best alternative to Adsense. It has a good CTR and banners which will help to boost your website earning. They will pay by Paypal but remember If your website has 50,000 pageviews in per month it will approve your account neither not.


So today we read that if our Adsense account has banned by Google, so not worry about it here I mentioned another good Adsense alternative for blogger.
If you need any help or any question you can ask here, Thanks

How to Monetize Blog with Adsense

Monday, October 10, 2016 / No Comments
 Today We will talk about "how to monetize Adsense Ads in Blogspot". Many Friends asked me about this, so today i will give all answers in this post. Adsense is the biggest Company in the world which pays high on click rate system.
monetize blog adsense

Many users get soon Adsense account but some do not have an account due to lack of knowledge and also Adsense Policy.
I have posted how to approved Adsense account in Days just simple trick. You can read this post and get your own account soon.

If You want to earn a money from Adsense, You will follow all rules of this company. 

What Type of size Ads is Good For the best Revenue?

You will also think of more income what is the best size ads suitable for the blog?  We will talk about this because many bloggers do not know about it. 

You will also notice that some website has loaded with banner ads in the sidebar. It is used for big  ads to show the advertisement to users. In this size, you have a chance to get high CTR, and high CTR mean You will earn more cash. I suggest you for this, 600*300 size is ideal.
The second one has linked ads which are really good work because it works as topic and show ads related to your topic keywords. The visitor considers that it is the parts of the website and clicked more and more. You can use size 200/90. 

The next is responsive ads, it is a very good option because it converts to any size with need, if some user opens your site in mobile, it will change into very small size, the other side if some visit your blog in desktop, it will switch to big size.
Note: Always use ads type image/text for the better result.

How to Monetize your Blog with Adsense Advertisement?

First of all, you need to log in your blogger account. now go to earning option you will see this option.

When you will click on Earning Option, on the right side two option will appear, select yes show the ads on my blog, that's it.
Now check your website or blog Ads are present.

Today we learn how to monetize Blogspot with Adsense ads.

If anything is your mind about this topic and you want to ask, I am here whenever you need help just the comment.

Adsense Approval in Pakistan within 5 Days-Checkout

Sunday, October 9, 2016 / No Comments
 As you know that The Pakistani users can not apply for Adsense before 5 to 6 months.It means it may generate no income at this time. But there are many other advertisers through which we can earn money by getting Adsense account.That is a fact, Adsense  gives us more money to instead of others. How will you approve this?
adsense approval pakistan

I want to say  that please be honor with Google and Write a good, useful and valuable info for your visitors.
If you want to become a real blogger that you should take this seriously.
  I am going to tell about the approval of Adsense account in a week today.
I have already made Adsense account with this method that why I am sharing with you this an idea. As you Are seeing Ads on my blog so why are you waiting for 6 months? You can also get your own account fully approved in this way, lets I tell you this about this trick.
Read : What is Adsense in Urdu

How to Get full Approved Adsense Account in Pakistan within 5 days? 

Before we go ahead, I want to say please follow my all steps with carefully. Which is usually I am telling you that you will not have to  face any problem related to this account.
  1. Overall you need to make some videos and upload it to Youtube.
  2. After the uploading, You can share your content on Facebook, Google plus, and another social media sites.
  3. If you want to get approved Adsense account, then you should need 500 views on your video.
  4. When you got 3000 views all videos then you should monetize your youtube account. 
  5.  Now Wait for a while here is the need to patience, it will take a time it may be only two hours and also  A few days at least 2 days.
  6. When your Account get granted by Google You will able to monetize your videos. Your account will be approved soon as much as your viewers. Remember do not upload any other channel video to your channel, otherwise you will not get good response by Google Adsense Team.

  Next Step  

When You have received Email from Adsense, You Need to have  logged in Adsense Account and Check your dashboard, You will find A words with hosted account.  
Link for Adsense Login

What is Adsense Hosted Account? How to change it to non-Hosted Account?

It's mean that you are not allowed to use these ads for your website or any blog, it is just for youtube videos.
So what should we do for show ads for our site?
  • First of all, You be required to log in your Adsense Gmail account.
  • After login go to your home page , click on the gear button and select setting button 
  •  You will notice new window will appear and arise some new option, you have needed only access and authorization, click on this
  • Now the new window will display, here put your website or blog URL and click on submit button. the next level is you will create an ad unit.
  •  Paste it your website until Google Check your web page.
 Now wait for  some days to Adsense team email with the better reaction.

I hope you will abide by these ways to get approve Adsense Account in 5 days.

If you want to ask any question about this, I am here for you.